White Lace Dress Photo Tutorial + Diagrams

Hi everyone! Earlier I’ve shared this dress on my facebook page. But today I want to show you how I made it.


I used this diagram to make the motifs. The connection are marked with the black dots.






Make the second motif and connect them like on the first picture here. It’s one row of the dress.


The second row of the motifs is connected as the row below.


The second row was done.



By “without this part” I mean one side of each square must be replaced on ch-3 (two previous photos)


Now, use this diagram…


… to make these parts of the dress


dress-8 dress-7


For the skirt of the dress use the same diagram. To extend the dress at the hips use the hook a little bigger than main hook and add more chains to the pattern. To make the dress look complete I crocheted the last row of the neck, sleeves and bottom in this way: *picot, 3 sc, repeat from* to around.


main-4 main-1 main-2 main-3

Feel free to ask any questions in comments below.


  1. Maria says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful. My daughters are both slim as you and this would be a great gift. What size Small do you have this listed? Sometimes it is a 2, 6 in woman’s or zero in teens. They wear a zero and 4. How long did it take for you to make this?

    • Jane says:

      Thank you :) According to Victoria’s Secret It’s zero S. I wear different sizes with different brands. Sometimes it’s 2 as your daughters :) This dress took me about a week to make.

  2. Kat Rombold says:

    I know its alot to ask, but have you written out or video taped a pattern for this dress? I can’t follow diagrams to save my life and would love to make something like this!

  3. Kristi says:

    Yes more explanation would be great! I’m not sure how many motifs I need, the size of each motif,
    or the gauge, yarn used, hook size used. If anyone could help would be great. I’m about the same size as you Jane but would be really grateful if you could explain how many motifs you used in each row or a motif diagram showing the placement of each motif. Also the without part does that mean replace the ch 5 with a chain 3 on one side? Just to clarify. I’m new to diagrams as I’ve always used written so I get psyched out pretty easily and my brain tends to make things look harder than they actually are haha. Thanks!

  4. Dorthe Pedersen says:

    Hey. Its a really beautifull dress. In 2017 about a year from now, me and my boyfriend is going to be married. I have to ask you if I can get your promission to make your dress as my weeding dress. I´m sorry for my bad English.

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