How to Make Puff, Bobble and PopCorn Stitches

How to Make Puff, Bobble and PopCorn Stitches

Many crocheters are confused about the difference between bobble, pop corn and puff stitches. You can find a lot of patterns using them and these stitches can add great texture to your crocheted projects. So, what’s the difference? Bobble stitch or hdc5tog – make 5* half complete double crochet stitches in the same space, yarn over and draw a loop through all 5 stitches. Pop corn stitch – make 5 dc in the same space and tight them together through the first and last stitches. Puff stitch – yarn over, insert the hook in the space and draw yarn up, repeat this step us many times as you need, then yarn over and draw through all loops, ch-1. Sounds a bit complicated so it would be easier to show you. That’s why I’ve decided to make the video tutorial :)

* The number of stitches can be more or less it depends on the pattern

Materials: Jeans by YarnArt Sport / 5 ply 55% Cotton, 45% Acrylic 174 yards / 50 grams, Crochet Hook #4


  1. Sandy says:

    You are incredibly inventive, truly amazing how you can think up all these wonderful stitches to crochet. Thank you for sharing. I really do appreciate your time!

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