How to Crochet Ribbing

Crochet Ribbing Free Pattern

Very often you can see a post stitch ribbing and single crochet ribbing on sweaters, beanies, scarfs, gloves, etc. This is a required element of most crochet projects. But how to crochet it? I guess it could be complicated to understand the difference between them especially for a beginner crocheter. So in this post I’ll show you 5 ways to crochet ribbing

Post stitch ribbing should be crocheted by alternating the front post and back post stitches. Single crochet ribbing should be made by single crochet in the back loop only in each stitch across. Usually post stitch ribbing works around but if you are working across REMEMBER: if the stitch you’re crocheting is raised to the front, crochet a front post stitch; if the stitch is raised to the back, work a back post stitch.

Try to make a piece of post stitch ribbing and single crochet ribbing and choose which is more suitable for your project.

If you want the ribbing looks like knitted fabric, then make a row of slip stitches between rows of single crochet.

Also, you can make post stitch ribbing “2×2” or “2×2 with ch-1 between”. A light weight yarn would be better for these ribbing.

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