Crochet Clothes From the Charmed

Crochet Clothes From the Charmed

We all remember the Halliwell sisters, the most powerful good witches in the world. They used their combined “Power of three” to protect humanity from demons, vampires, warlocks and other bad guys. Also, one of the best magical thing about the Charmed was their fashion sense. Each sister had an original personal style. I really think that they were some of the best dressed witches on TV.  Over the last few months I was watching the Charmed and collected the most beautiful crochet looks from the series. Hope they will inspire you for some awesome project… Enjoy!

hairnet hairnet-red


hairnet-charmed-1 hairnet-1

crochet-hat crochet-beanie

crochet-green-top-1 crochet-green-top

flower-crochet-cardigan crochet-cardigan crochet-cardigan-short


crochet-skirt crochet-skirt-charmed

crochet-poncho crochet-poncho-phoebi crochet-poncho-charmed

crochet-halter-top crochet-halter-top-charmed crochet-halter-top-charmed-pr

crochet-brallete-top crochet-halter-white-top crochet-halter-white-top-charmed

crochet-blue-top-charmed crochet-blue-top

crochet-flower crochet-flower-charmed

crochet-dress-charmed crochet-dress crochet-white-dress

crochet-cardi-charmed crochet-cardi

crochet-blanket-charmed crochet-blanket


  1. Spinnin Jenny says:

    I loved “Charmed”!! Seems like every show I like gets cancelled. So I bought the complete series of “Charmed”!! These are wonderful! Do you know if there are patterns for any of these? I really admired some of the shawls that were on “Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman”, too, and even wrote to the show asking if there were patterns for them; I never received a reply. I’m not creative enough to design anything like these, but I can follow a written pattern. I’m can’t decipher a diagram, even though I keep studying on it.

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