I love your website. I want to ask if you can give me the instructions to the blanket that’s on the photo, fourth from the top. The blue, pink yellow and white one.
    I only a beginner with crocheting but I just love it. Not sure if you sell the pattern what the price is?
    I await your reply.
    Thanks so much. Lurette

  2. Kelli Lien says:

    Hello Jane,
    Beautiful work! Beautiful designs! Wow. I am a watercolorist but love to crochet as well. I have been painting for numerous years but have only taken up crochet within the past two years. At the moment, I have about 100 plus granny squares, done in various colors, all using Rowan Cotton Glace yarn. The project has gone slowly. I wish to finish and just make it a lap quilt, but wonder how you pieced yours together — they don’t appear to have a noticeable seam … I mean … one color (a different color) that you used to piece them all together. Also, I would love to order pattern for the one you have with the cat on top of the bed. In closing, I love your work. Gorgeous.

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